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Franchising for 20 years

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We're proud to present Le Milsa, a Brazilian churrascaria franchise that's been around for 20 years. Drawing on our culinary heritage and passion for Brazilian gastronomy, we have created a unique experience that has seduced palates the world over.

For two decades, Le Milsa has been synonymous with quality, authenticity and conviviality. We've developed a solid reputation for offering premium cuts of meat, grilled to perfection, and presenting our customers with an unforgettable churrascaria experience.

As a franchise, we offer passionate entrepreneurs the opportunity to join our family and share in our success. Our solid business model, ongoing support and proven experience will enable you to thrive in the restaurant industry with confidence.

If you'd like to join our Le Milsa family and bring an exceptional churrascaria experience to your community, contact us today. Together, we'll continue to write the story of our thriving franchise, inspired by 20 years of success and customer satisfaction.

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3298 Boulevard Saint-Martin O
QC H7T 1A1


4817 Boulevard Taschereau
QC J4V 2J1

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